Activate and use online bank account

Activation and usage details for the Garanti BBVA Online service

One more step and you activate your Garanti BBVA Online.

How do I activate my Garanti BBVA Online without token

o obtain this service you should have at least one current account and a card issued by Garanti BBVA. You have 4 options at your disposal in order to request access to Garanti BBVA Online:

How do I activate my Garanti BBVA Online with token

How to access Garanti BBVA Online without a token?

To use this method, you must first have the mobile app downloaded to your phone with the digital token activated. This digital token can be activated by registering the app at any BBVA Garanti ATM or authenticating with a physical token. Then follow the next steps:

How to access Garanti BBVA Online with token?

How do you use the Ciframatic?

Have you already received the Ciframatic from Garanti BBVA? Change the standard PIN (1234) before using it.


How do you reactivate the locked Ciframatic?

How do you reset your password?


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