Bonus Card Campaigns

Special Bonus Card Campaigns

Pay for trips abroad with Bonus card and access to interest-free installments
Whether you need to pay school fees or plane tickets, the world of Bonus Card offers you numerous campaigns from partners.
Refinance any loan product obtained from another bank until January 31, 2024. You can benefit from up to 36 interest-free installments.

Special Campaigns with our Partners

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Ongoing Bonus Card Campaigns

Discover the variety of Bonus Card brands and physical partners. Use the Bonus accumulated in the partner network.

Bonus Card Campaigns at Garanti BBVA POS in partner stores

* Check the conditions communicated by the merchant before making the payment with the card. The conditions are communicated through the merchant’s website.
* The purchase made with payment at EASYBOX is not processed in installments without interest. These purchases will be processed with full payment.
** Transactions are not split into interest-free installments for VIVRE Market Place purchases.

Generic Bonus Card campaigns: Non-partners, for all purchases on non Garanti Bank POSes

Campaign name Campaign details Date of start Date of end
ALTEX + MEDIA GALAXY 4 interest free instalments for purchases over 200 RON 01/01/2023 31/10/2024
VODAFONE 12 free instalments for purchases between 400-799.99 RON
24 free instalments for purchases over 800 RON
12/10/2018 31/10/2024
OTTER 3 free instalments for purchases between 300 - 599.99 RON
6 free instalments for purchases over 600 RON
20/10/2023 31/10/2024
TOP SHOP 3 free instalments for purchases between 250 - 499.99 RON
6 free instalments for purchases over 500 RON
01/11/2023 01/11/2024
CARREFOUR*** 3 free instalments for purchases between 200 - 499.99 RON
6 free instalments for purchases between 500 - 899.99 RON
9 free instalments for purchases over 900 RON
01/11/2023 30/09/2024
CARREFOUR* 18 free instalments for purchases over 1000 RON 06/12/2023 09/01/2024

*** The CARREFOUR campaign applies only to purchases made in Carrefour hypermarkets. The campaign does NOT include supermarkets (smaller stores, proximity stores and stores named Carrefour Market) also not applied to purchases through BRINGO.

Campaign description Date of start Date of end
INTERNATIONAL Shoppings – Purchases made in a currency other than RON, in physical stores outside Romania and online. Transactions are divided into 3, 5 or 9 installments without interest depending on the value of the transaction. **** 26/01/2024 31/01/2025
Travel agencies ***** – The transactions are divided into 4 installments without interest, for the minimum amount of 1500 lei. 26/01/2024 31/01/2025
NATIONAL Shoppings – for purchases made in Romania, you can benefit of 3, 5 or 9 installments ****, for the following categories of stores:
1. Jewelery and watches stores
2. Payment of insurance and payment at notary
3. Amusement parks, purchases of concert tickets, tickets to zoos, dolphinariums
4. Payment of sports/gym memberships
5. Beauty salons
6. Hospitals and clinics, medical analysis laboratories, dental/ophthalmological clinics
7. Payment of school fees, payment of fees for additional studies such as: foreign language courses, management courses, faculty fees, master, MBA
8. Veterinary clinics
9. Car service and parts
10. Sanitary and heating installations
11. Tax payments
12. Airlines
13. Hotels and Motels
14. Automobile rentals
15. Libraries
16. Drug stores and pharmacies
17. Cosmetics shops
18. Furniture, home furnishings and equipment shops and accessories
19. Bicycle shops — sales and service
20. Groceries and supermarkets
21. Go out drink and eat
22. Footwear, Clothing and leather accessories
23. Hobby, toy and game shops
24. Passenger railways
25. Sporting Goods Stores
26/01/2024 31/01/2025

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