Salary@Garanti BBVA

There’s no place for your salary like Garanti BBVA


Bonus points from purchases

0 Costs

0 commission for current account administration

Do magic tricks with your salary at Garanti BBVA: 0,05% Bonus every time you use the Bonus Debit Card, low costs for credits and big savings.

Apply for a Salary package and you will be rewarded.

Every time you use your Bonus Debit Card you will receive 0,05% Bonus, money that can be used when you do your shopping in one of the Garanti BBVA partner stores. More than that, you can use your Bonus Debit Card all around the world through MasterCard.

Plus, if you use Garanti BBVA Online, our internet banking service, you can access your account 24/7 anywhere around the globe.

With Salary@Garanti BBVA you can get so many benefits

You have preferential interest rate for loan products (see details here) and for Bonus Card (see details here)

How to apply


You can open an online account yourself in Garanti BBVA Online

In agencies

You can come to any of the Garanti BBVA agencies

Garanti Bank S.A. is taking part in the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGDB). Customers’ deposits (current accounts, savings and time deposits) are guaranteed by FGDB according to the law. Law no 311/2015 regarding the deposit guaranteed scheme and the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in place at 14.12.2015 provides changes related to the guaranteed amounts for specific categories and the list of excluded deposits (information about guaranteed deposits can be found here ). For further information related to deposits guarantee and the compensation payouts click here or you can access

You can view fee information document for Salary Current Account here.

Steps to follow

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