Bonus Points

What are Bonus points and how can I use them?

1 point = 1 RON
Bonus points are money, actually. You win Bonus points for all the purchases you do with Bonus Card, in every store and to every merchant, either from Romania or from abroad (online or in-store), including installment payments. There are no Bonus points for money withdrawals, payments made by Internet Banking and by Garanti BBVA ATMs for the utility and/or goods and services invoices. The Bank may decide to modify or stop the Bonus program at any moment.

For all your online or in-store purchases, from Romania or abroad, you will benefit from the following (depending on your previously agreed offer) :

ATTENTION: When you go for checkout or pay for your purchase, ask to make the payments via a POS Garanti BBVA (the device that read your credit card). Only then you will benefit from the Bonus points.

The Bonus points you collect can be used in the Garanti BBVA partnering shops. The bonus can neither be withdrawn from an ATM, nor can it be used to pay for the used credit on your card; the bonus points value is made available in the monthly credit card statement. For instance, you can use the bonus points to buy a birthday present for your friend or child.

Before going for shopping, go to partners page and check what special campaigns Bonus Card provides you with and spot the trader you are interested in. The available bonus can be used in Bonus Card network of physical stores which can be found in the previously mentioned Partners list.

Can I see how many collected Bonus points I have?

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