Real estate loans campaign

Real estate loan offer for the purchase of a property from the partner real estate developers of Garanti BBVA Bank

I.Duration of Offer:

– The offer is valid from 01.04.2024 for an indefinite period.

II. Features of Offer:

– Fixed interest rate;
– Variable interest rate;
– Benchmark: IRCC 3M;
– Management fee: 50 RON/10 EUR;
– Analysis fee: 600 RON/130 EUR;
– Life insurance: included.

III. Conditions:

– It is aimed at individuals, both customers of Garanti Bank S.A. and non-customers, who wish to purchase a property sold by one of the real estate developers with whom the Bank has a partnership. The full list of partners is highlighted in the Annex to this offer.
– Loan refinancing is not covered by this offer.
– The offer is not intended for customers wishing to purchase properties other than those mentioned above.
Costs applied compared to standard offer:

Standard offer

Dobândă fixă 5 ani Dobândă Variabila (marja fixa + IRCC 3M
- Standard Salary VIP Standard Salary VIP
RON 7.20% 6.30% 6.15% 3.00% 2.40% 2.25%
EUR 5.70% 5.25% 5.10% 4.20% 3.75% 3.60%
Dobândă fixă 3 ani Dobândă Variabila (marja fixa + IRCC 3M
- Standard Salary VIP Standard Salary VIP
RON 6.99% 6.09% 5.94% 3.00% 2.40% 2.25%
EUR 5.40% 4.95 4.74% 4.20% 3.75% 3.60%

Real estate developers offer

Dobândă fixă 5 ani Dobândă Variabila (marja fixa + IRCC 3M
- Standard Salary VIP Standard Salary VIP
RON 7.05% 6.15% 6.15% 2.85% 2.25% 2.25%
EUR 5.55% 5.10% 5.10% 4.05% 3.60% 3.60%
Dobândă fixă 3 ani Dobândă Variabila (marja fixa + IRCC 3M
- Standard Salary VIP Standard Salary VIP
RON 6.84% 5.94% 5.94% 2.85% 2.25% 2.25%
EUR 5.25% 4.80% 4.74% 4.05% 3.60% 3.60%

Example of APR calculation for fixed interest: The Annual Percentage Rate of Interest (APR) is 7.98%/year*** for a real estate loan of 364,000 Lei over a period of 262 months, with repayment in equal installments. The interest** is 6.15%/year, fixed, the analysis fee is 600 lei and the monthly management fee is 50 lei. The monthly installment is 2,577.86Lei and the total amount payable is 769,138.82 Lei; 

Example of APR calculation for variable interest:

The Annual Percentage Rate of Interest (APR) is 8.91%/year*** for a mortgage loan of 364,000 Lei over a period of 262 months, with repayment in equal installments. The interest rate is 8.15%/year, variable, consisting of IRCC* at 3 months + bank margin 2,25%, the analysis fee is 600 lei and the monthly management fee is 50 lei. The monthly installment is 3.027,63 Lei and the total amount payable is 804,429.27Lei;

*The IRCC 3M value on 01.04.2024 is 5.90%.

**The interest rate changes every January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1, depending on the evolution of the benchmark.

***The total amount payable and the APR also include the costs related to: insurance policies, valuation of the property pledged as collateral, advertising of the mortgage securities in the RNPM, fees for processing payment orders. Details of the cost structure (interest rates, fees, other charges) can be found at

The Offer may be terminated at any time during the Offer Period, based on the decision of Garanti Bank S.A. or in case of force majeure. In the event of any of these cases, Garanti Bank S.A. will inform the participants on the official website “” as soon as possible. 

  • The offer is considered accepted at the moment of signing the documents attesting the intention to contract the loan. Annex 1- List of real estate developers that have entered into a partnership with Garanti Bank S.A. for granting real estate loans
Nr. Denumire Dezvoltator Denumirea Ansambului
Adresa Ansambului Rezidențial
1 Euro Vial Residence Lake On Bld Mamaia, nr 341k, Constanta, jud Constanta
2 Euro Vial Residence Forest On Drumul Lapus, nr 121, sector 1, Bucuresti
3 Couture Properties Central District Str Viitorului, 134-136, Bucuresti, Sector 2
4 Consega Residence Haricleea Darclee Str Haricleea Darclee, 35-37, Constanta, jud. Constanta
5 X- City Tower 2 SRL X-City Tower 2 - Timisoara Str Marin Constantin, nr 3, Timisoara, jud Timis
6 Wallberg West Project SRL X-City Tower 1 - Timisoara Str Marin Constantin, nr 1, Timisoara, jud Timis
7 YOA Splendid Home SRL YOA Splendid Home Str Rapsodiei, 49, Constanta, jud Constanta
8 BELLAIRE LAKE SRL BelAir Lake Str Campul Pipera 13H, Voluntari, Ilfov
9 Jabri Residence Jabri Residence Str Fantani, Giroc, jud Timis
10 Spiral Colonade Spiral Colonade Str Fantani, Giroc, jud Timis
11 Kenzi Investment Perla Residence 2 Str George Bacovia nr 13 D, Bucuresti
12 FORWARD ENGINEERING SRL Urban Nest Str Marului, 96-98, si str Marului 100-102
13 ISFIRA HOME SRL Isfira Homes Intrarea Viilor, nr 3
14 OZTEKLER RO SRL My Sweet Home Str Maramures, nr 53, Ilfov
15 Habbrick Habbrick Str Foisorului, nr 19, Cluj Napoca
16 ADM&SSI Real Estate ADM&SSI Real Estate Str. Constantin D. Statescu 17 Pitesti.
17 GIGHIBANDA Family Park Com Floresti, jud Cluj
18 Opus Developement Cosmopolis DNCB, Ștefăneștii de Jos, Ilfov
19 Straulesti Lac Alfa SA Atria Urban Resort Sos Chitilei, 242 D si 242 E, sector 1, Bucuresti
20 Koramic Realestate Sunset Lake Homes Sos Straulesti, nr 93-199, bucuresti, sector 1
21 Blue Bike Gate One Blue Bike Garden Str Theodor Burada, nr 27/str Oborului nr 10, Constanta
22 Euro Vial Residence Sea On Str Brizei, nr 11-13, Navodari, jud Constanta
23 Caba Inovative 102 The Address Barbu Vacarescu , 102, Bucuresti, sector 2
24 Gazzo Premium Panoramis Lake Statiunea Mamaia, zona Hotel Splendid, Constanta
25 Novum Novum Invest Politehnica Splaiul independentei 313 B,Bucuresti
26 Novum Novum Invest Lacul Morii Str Manastirea Varatec, Sector 6, Bucuresti
27 Novum Novum Invest Chiajna Ilie Petre, Chiajna, Jud Ilfov
28 Novum Novum Invest Militari bld Iuliu Maniu, 6R, Bucuresti, sector 6
29 CrossGate Viliera Str Fundac Bucium, nr 85, Iasi, jud Iasi
30 CrossGate Solumnia Str Aurel Vlaicu, nr 84, Iasi, jud Iasi
31 CAT Construct Cartier Visoianu Sat Lunca Cetatuii, jud Iasi
32 CAT Construct Poitiers Towers Bld Poitiers, nr 2, Iasi, jud Iasi
33 Gran Via Romania Timisoara 58 Bld Timisoara, nr 58, Bucuresti, sector 6
34 Romken Trio Residence Otopeni Str I.I.C. Bratianu, nr 28, Otopeni, jud Ilfov
35 Alphaville Alphaville Arena Str Stadionului, nr 16, Brasov, jud Brasov
36 Class Park Development Class Park Str Madrid, nr 4, Targoviste, jud Dambovita
37 Solid House Corbului Residence Str Corbului, nr 3, Constanta, jud Constanta
38 Solid House Solid Residence Mamaia La Butoaie Bld Mamaia, 507, Constanta, jud Constanta
39 Business Residence Accomodation RBK Business Residence Accomodation Bragadiru, Str. Sperantei 24-26, jud Ilfov
40 Impact SA Luxuria Apartments Str Aviator Popisteanu, 54, B, Bucuresti, sector 1
41 Impact SA Greenfield Drumul Pădurea Neagră 2A, București
42 Impact SA Boreal Plus DN 2A - Bulevardul Tomis, Constanta, jud Constanta
43 Chiro LTD Himson Bulevardul Chimiei nr. 101, Iași jud Iasi
44 Dedal Edil Construct Dedal Construct Str. Dr. Savini 8 Iasi, jud Iasi
45 TRUTZI REAL ESTATE AVANERA Str Universitatii, nr 9, Suceava, Suceava
46 Redport Properties The Level - Stage 2 Str Straulesti, nr 17-23, sector 1, Bucuresti
47 City Garden SRL BONTON LUXURY VILLAS Voluntari, Ilfov
48 Profi Lux Magnolia Urban Residence Str nicolae Nicoleanu, nr 16, Bucuresti
49 General Future Project - cu comision Future Residence Calea Timișoarei Nr. 11A, Timișoara, jud Timis
50 Imobiliara Chrissoveloni SA Sandu Aldea 26 Constantin Sandu Aldea, nr 26, Bucuresti, sector 1
51 Subcetate Apartments Subcetate Green Residence 4 Str. Drumul cu plopi nr. 114 și 116, Brasov, jud Brasov
52 Nord Conforest SA Gloris Village Fabrica de Zahar, nr 107, Gilau, jud Cluj
53 Transcom Srl Metrocity Chitilei Strada Ariei, nr 12, sector 1, Bucuresti
54 Residence Imobiliare Mot Adora Park Str Neculce, nr 7, Arad, jud Arad
55 TCE NEIGHBORHOOD SRL Madera Residence Str. Mihai Viteazul, Roman, jud Neamt
56 Media City Titan Apartments Drumul Gura Putnei 143-147 din București
57 Media City Paladin Villas Sos Unirii, 216, Corbeanca, Ilfov
58 Becadri SRL Becadri Residence Blv Petre Tutea, nr 100, Com Dumbravita, jud Timis
59 Synergy Escape Residence Sos. Străulești 29A, sector 1, Bucuresti
60 Bo Hi Design Str 23 August, Otopeni, jud ilfov
61 GPA Real Invest Nordum Residence Str Cosasilor, 3, Cluj Napoca
62 NewGen Imobiliare Azul Residence bd. Petre Țuțea, Dumbrăvița, jud Timis
63 Group Petrol Marin Axxis Nova Bulevardul Mamaia Nord, Constanta
64 Urban Invest Urban Plaza Str. Carpaților nr. 93, Brașov
65 Maurer Imobiliare Brasov Maurer Residence Brasov Str Pelicanului, nr 5, Brasov
66 Maurer Imobiliare Constanta Maurer Residence Constanta Str. Milano Nr. 21, Constanța

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