Lending campaign - "Small" GPL

I. Duration of the Campaign:

The offer is valid from January 01st 2024 to March 31st, 2024  .

II. Validity conditions of the Campaign:


*This Offer remains valid only if the applicant’s eligibility conditions are met, implicitly if the request is approved during the Campaign period. The credit product can be granted at a later date after the end of the Campaign.

**The loan for personal needs without real estate guarantees for a period of more than 60 months is only applied for the refinancing of loans contracted before 07/08/2020, without the possibility of granting an additional amount.       

III. Campaign offer if the requested credit is approved:


*** The grace period can only be granted if the client does not register arrears at the time of the request. The grace period can be implemented by signing an additional document to the credit agreement and a new repayment schedule.

The interest calculated for the grace period, the principal and the commissions will be added to the credit balance, which will be redistributed over the remaining period, after the end of the grace period. The monthly credit administration commission will not be calculated or capitalized during the grace period, it will not be paid by the client during the requested grace period. Regardless of the length of the grace period granted, the loan repayment period remains the initial one.

IV. Acceptance of offer:


Example of APR calculation according to the offer of this Campaign:

For a loan for personal needs without real real estate guarantees in the amount of 40,000 RON, granted for a period of 60 months, with repayment in equal installments, the Annual Effective Interest (APR) is 10.56%/year*, the Interest is 8.40%/year, fixed, the analysis fee is 250 RON, and the monthly administration fee is 25 RON, The value of the monthly installment is 843.73  RON, and the total amount payable is 51,005.49 RON;

*Details about the cost structure (interest, commissions, other taxes; both regarding the standard ones and regarding those applicable to this offer) can be found on the website www.garantibbva.ro.