Bonus Economus

Keep the saving plan and Bonus Economus gives you extra interest!

Fă-ţi viaţa mai bună cu un Depozit la Termen în lei de la Garanti BBVA şi vezi cum răsplata sigură din cont îţi va schimba obiceiurile!

Caracteristicile produsului

Do you know that feeling when every time you want to start saving money you don’t succeed because something happens and you need that money? If you do, Garanti BBVA has the perfect solution for you: Bonus Economus, a saving account which gives you the possibility to save any amount of money, any time you want, with instant access to your funds. And you have the benefit of extra interest if you secure those funds for 6 months.

With Bonus Economus you can get so many benefits

It’s super easy to get it


Pentru acest produs poţi aplica uşor printr-un formular online

În agenții

Poți veni in oricare din agențiile Garanti BBVA

The funds deposited in current accounts, savings accounts or time deposits opened by customers with Garanti BBVA are protected through the guarantee scheme administered by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, up to 100,000 EUR, Ron equivalent, as specified in the conditions from Information Form for Depositors and in the List of Deposits Exempted from Compensation, which you can read here.

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