Since 2020, Garanti Bank Romania affirmed Sustainability as one of its strategic priorities, in line with its assumed role of significant contributor to the inclusive, environment caring, economic and social development. As a bank, we can act as financier for the greener economy, but also share our knowledge, foster cooperation with external stakeholders and use our influence in the society in order to increase awareness and achieve results in promoting a sustainable development.

Sustainable Credit Products range

General broad principles to be observed by a financial product to qualify as “sustainable are:

Environmental and Social Loan Policies

Garanti BBVA implements Sustainability Policy to improve its fundamental banking approach by integrating Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement into its strategies and activities. The Environmental and Social Loan Policies (ESLP) is prepared in accordance with the general principles on Sustainability set forth in Sustainability Policy of our Bank.

Social responsibility

Throughout its over 20 years of activity on the local market, the bank invested mainly in projects that encourage: