Social responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are firmly convinced that, in addition to our goals of development and achieving better financial results year after year, we also have the responsibility to contribute to the development of society. With a presence of 25 years in the Romanian market, our bank has actively supported projects for environmental protection, facilitating access to education, financial literacy, social, cultural, and sports programs since its inception. These initiatives have a significant impact on the community.

Year after year, we allocate substantial resources to contribute to the sustainable development of Romania and engage in projects in various areas to fulfill our commitment to serving the community’s interests.

Environmental protection

We take pride in our active involvement in environmental protection projects. Our commitment has roots in the belief that responsible business practices are essential in today’s dynamic landscape. By investing in and supporting nature protection initiatives, we not only contribute to the well-being of the planet but also align ourselves faithfully with the values of our customers and partners.

Environmental degradation poses risks to both the population and economies, impacting resources, supply chains, and overall resilience. By investing in projects that protect natural habitats, reduce ecological footprints, and promote sustainable practices, the bank not only fulfills its corporate social responsibility but also strengthens the foundation for a successful, nature-friendly business.

Because we want to contribute to a safer future for the next generations, we have collaborated long-term with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Romania) since 2010, introducing the WWF Bonus Card, the first ecologically oriented affinity card in Romania. The bank directs 0.3% of the transactions’ value made with this credit card towards the NGO’s local environmental projects, without incurring costs for the cardholder. Through the WWF Bonus Card, employees and customers have the opportunity to contribute to the protection of natural habitats. From 2010 to 2023, Garanti BBVA has supported various local WWF projects.

Within this partnership, Garanti BBVA has directed approximately two million lei to WWF Romania, supporting the development and implementation of its environmental projects in Romania.

In 2023, we supported a beloved project, the LYNX Festival, which took place in early June in Brasov. It aimed to bring nature closer to the general public through documentaries and photographs, two of the most expressive visual arts. The festival, organized by the associations Romania Salbatica and Forona, included five days of film screenings, exhibitions, workshops, and outdoor activities, emphasizing the role of nature in our lives and activities, and contributing to increasing awareness of the importance of environmental protection. The latest edition of the festival, supported by Garanti BBVA, attracted over 1,000 spectators to film screenings and many others to other activities.

Knowing that every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference, Garanti BBVA has been alongside the EcoAssist Association in the “Planting Good Deeds in Romania” initiative. The Garanti BBVA Romania team participated in planting acacia seedlings on degraded land in Moara Domneasca, Ilfov County. Tree planting is essential for our health and the planet, contributing to improved air quality, biodiversity conservation, and combating climate change.


Garanti BBVA has supported projects that enhance the role of women in business leadership. In this regard, since 2014, the Bank has developed a partnership with a not-for-profit organization, namely Professional Women’s Network Romania Association (PWN), which designed an educational entrepreneurial program for women who are in the start-up phase of their businesses. A series of workshops that focused on offering women entrepreneurs useful theoretical and practical tools for building successful businesses took place. The participants to these workshops have accessed information about business legislation, taxation and accounting, personal branding and social media, marketing and sales, negotiations, financing sources, etc.

Financial education

Financial education from a young age is fundamental to enable individuals to make informed and responsible financial decisions throughout their lives. We recognize the importance of equipping children and young people, and others, with the knowledge and skills to manage their finances effectively.

Through various initiatives, we engage in facilitating access to essential financial concepts. One example is our collaboration since 2016 with the Association for the Promotion of Performance in Education (APPE). The bank consistently supports the launch of financial education materials dedicated to students, as well as teaching guides for teachers.


We are aware that education is of fundamental importance for the development and progress of individuals in contemporary society. It is a continuous process that significantly influences the life of every individual, bringing numerous benefits. We want to be part of this process.

In this endeavor, we have joined initiatives of recognized non-governmental organizations, including Teach for Romania, Save the Children Association, and the Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation. Through the partnership with Teach for Romania, Garanti BBVA has supported the organization of the Academy of Leadership and Education Training, a five-week camp of accelerated learning designed to help teachers from the Teach community change the life trajectory of children from vulnerable communities and contribute to the needed systemic change.

In the Academy, alongside students and parents, participants learn how to consciously develop a culture of success, capable of providing safety and belonging, how to set goals, monitor progress, and celebrate small victories, how to bring curiosity back into the classroom, respecting the way the brain learns and allocating time and resources for exploration, testing/practicing—all integrated elements that refine the teaching career.

We have also joined projects dedicated to education by the Regina Maria Social Innovation Association. Together, we have been involved in actions aimed at developing the skills of children from disadvantaged areas and reducing school dropout rates, increasing their chances for a future as they desire.

A project close to our hearts remains the Save the Children Romania initiative, which we support every year, called the Christmas Trees Festival. During the event, unique trees created by recognized artists and designers are auctioned, and the funds collected are directed to support children from vulnerable backgrounds who, due to socio-economic reasons, do not benefit from equal access to education.

Additionally, through the Aspen New Economy & Society Program supported by Garanti BBVA, the benefits of financial health and financial education have been disseminated to a wide audience.


We strongly believe that sports play a vital role in the development of physical health, teamwork, and discipline. Therefore, being aware of the profound impact that sports can have on individuals and society, we engage in initiatives that promote and popularize physical activity.

For many years, we have been alongside ultramarathon runner Claudiu Belețoiu, who, in 2023, ran to raise the funds necessary for the implementation of the “Summer School” project, created by the “TOTUL ESTE POSIBIL” Association, helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds with educational resources.

We also supported the “Free Spirit Run Giurgiu-Ruse” Half Marathon, with the participation of 300 athletes and ordinary people who chose sports to maintain their health.

The partnership with the event “Free Spirit Run Ruse-Giurgiu,” a unique race connecting Romania and Bulgaria, represented more than just a competition; it was a true celebration of connections and transborder communities, and an honor for us to be part of it.


Over time, Garanti BBVA has supported various cultural projects in Romania, and in 2023, we joined the Art Safari Bucharest event with great enthusiasm. We actively supported the exhibition “Masters of Spanish Painting. The 19th Century and the Emergence of Impressionism,” bringing Spanish Impressionist artworks closer to the Romanian audience.

Additionally, during Children’s Month, we were present at Art Safari Bucharest Kids, a special edition dedicated to both young and adult audiences. The painting lessons for children, organized on this occasion, contributed to their cultural education.

Art is the language of the soul, a universal expression that transcends boundaries, inspiring imagination, and enriching the human experience. With these principles in mind, we have directed our support towards other projects, and we take pride in collaborating with NGOs that develop significant cultural initiatives, including Art Production Foundation, Friends of the National Museum of Art of Romania Association (MNAR), Cervantes Institute, Calea Griviței Foundation, and the “Art Without Borders” Association.