Personal needs loan and refinancing

The right loan for you from Garanti BBVA

250.000 Lei

Maximum amount and currency

5 years

Maximum lending period

Features of personal needs loan

Refinancing personal needs loan


You enjoy a number of benefits if you apply for a personal needs loan without collateral or refinance through Garanti BBVA:

You benefit from free Credit Repayment Protection Insurance, which covers: involuntary job loss, death, details here

Currency Interest
Reference index FIXED interest rate*
Variable interest rate Application Analysis Commission Monthly management
Margin* Interest rate
(index +
RON Fixed - 9.30% - - 250 RON 25 RON
RON Variable IRCC3M - 4.95% 10.85% 250 RON 25 RON

*The fixed interest rates and margins shown are valid if you receive your income in an account at Garanti BBVA

**The variable interest rate is updated quarterly, depending on the evolution of the index for consumer loans: on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st, for the entire duration of the loan.

***The payment of the analysis commission is excluded for the refinancing balance / balance of personal needs loans without collateral contracted before 08.07.2020 for a period longer than 5 years .

Otherwise, the commission from the list of Interest and credit commissions for Individuals is applicable.

Example of calculation in case you cash in your salary in your Garanti BBVA account:

The effective annual interest rate (EIR) is 13.20% per year for a General Purpose Loan in amount of 42,000 Lei for a period of 53 months, with repayment in equal installments. The interest rate is 10.85%/ year, variable, consisting of IRCC for 3 months + bank margin 4.95%. Loan analysis fee is 250 lei and the monthly administration fee is 25 lei. Monthly instalment amount is 1.025,94 Lei, and the total payable amount is 54.756,48 Lei.

Details of the cost structure (interest, fees, other charges) here.

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Personal needs loan simulation

In just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily simulate a personal needs loan.

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