Current account Package

At Garanti BBVA, YOU CAN have zero commission for your current account in RON

For students

With the Garanti BBVA Student Package you get extra money for small pleasures. How? Every time you use your Garanti BBVA student card to pay for purchases, you get a portion of your money back in the form of Bonus Points.

For pensioners

Leave the financial worries to us and you’ll have more time for your loved ones. Choose the Garanti BBVA Retirement Package – a way to get your money on time, free of charge.


How to get a package

You can come to any Garanti BBVA branch, apply directly here or open it yourself in Garanti BBVA Online.

Garanti BBVA belongs to the category of credit institutions that contribute to the deposit guarantee scheme administered by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Customers’ money in current accounts, savings accounts and Garanti BBVA Term Deposits are guaranteed up to EUR 100,000, in Lei equivalent, according to the criteria mentioned in the Depositors’ Information Form and in the List of Deposits Excluded from the Guarantee, see here.

You can view the Pensioner Account Fee Information Document here and the Student Account Fee Information Document here.