Garanti BBVA Online

What it can do

Less stress, more time and energy! Use the Internet for any transaction, anytime you want with Garanti BBVA Online.

How to activate and use it

Activation and usage details for the Garanti BBVA Online service

To get this service, you should have at least a current account and a card issued by Garanti BBVA.

Signing transactions

Signing transactions is an additional method of securing payments made through Garanti BBVA Online. Thus, when you make a payment via internet banking you will see an additional screen with details about the payee (name, IBAN and amount) and you will validate this information by signing the payment. So simple.


When it comes to online shopping, payments or money transfers, there’s nothing more important to us than the security of your information and banking transactions. That’s why in Garanti BBVA Online you have a special menu dedicated to security settings so you can control them better.