Eco House Loan

We’re here to introduce you the new Casa Eco loan

Why choose a green home certified by Romania Green Building Council?

Product features

House Insurance required (see details here)

Your advantages

You protect your family! You will benefit from a free Life Insurance (see details here)

Currency Interest type* Reference index Fixed interest
5 years*
Margin Interest rate
(indice + margin)**
File analysis comission Monthly management fee
RON Fixed - 6.90% 2.70% 8.66% 600 RON 0 RON
RON Variable IRCC 3M** - 2.70% 6.66% 600 RON 0 RON
EUR Variable EURIBOR 6M*** - 4.35% 8.308% 130 EUR 0 EUR

*The margin is applicable in case you cash in your salary in your Garanti BBVA account.

**The variable interest rate is updated quarterly, depending on the evolution of the index for consumer loans: on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October, applicable for the entire duration of the loan.

The value of IRCC 3M on October 1, 2023 is 5.96%.

*** The EURIBOR 6M reference index has a value of 3.958% and is updated every February 1st and August 1st for the entire duration of the loan.

Example of calculation in case you cash in your salary in your Garanti BBVA account:

The effective annual interest rate (EIR) is 9.26%/ year for a housing loan in the amount of Lei 225,000 RON over a period of 360 months, with repayment in equal monthly instalments. The interest rate is 8.66 %/ year, variable, consisting of IRCC at 3 months + bank’s margin of 2.70%. Loan analysis fee is 600 Lei and monthly administration fee is 0, applied to loan balance. Monthly instalment amount is 1.755,63 Lei, and the total amount payable is 643.279,38 Lei .

* The total amount payable and the APR include costs related to: insurance policies, appraising real estate collateral, registering pledge contracts in RNPM, commissions for processing payment orders.

Details about the structure of costs (interest, fees, other taxes) here.

Good to know

Issues that need to be taken into account when contracting a loan:

For more detail information related to Consumer Loan with Mortage please check this guide.

For more information about Green Homes certified project click this link.

Eco House Loan is easy to get

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