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At Garanti BBVA you can choose from a variety of cards. Keep an eye on the benefits and choose the one that fits your lifestyle and shopping cart the best. Whether you go for the classic, gold, premium version with a higher credit limit or you are a fan of eco actions, you will find all the advantages.

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You can easily find the necessary data about the Bonus Card:

Customer information

Starting April 25, 2024, we inform you that the percentage of bonus points offered to acquiring merchants (non-partners) will be 0.1% of the value of transactions made at POS (physical and e-commerce).




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Discover one of the largest partner networks in Romania and search for the partner from the list of online stores or open stores right in your city.

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Parnets from Bonus Card network have a lot of benefits and offer its customers facilities for collecting and using bonus points, as well as paying in installments without interest.