Deposit Guarantee Fund

Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund has as main mission the guarantee of the deposits done at the credit institutions which are members of the Fund, and also of paying the compensations to the guaranteed depositors, according to the maximum amount and to other conditions established by law, in case the bank cannot give the money back to the depositors. Amounts deposits in the accounts at Garanti Bank S.A. are guaranteed according to the Guaranteed Deposits Scheme, considering that the Bank is a member of the Fund.

Subject to exception from the payments of the compensations are the deposits classified as not guaranteed, according to the Law 311/2015.

Deposits owned by individuals or legal entities at the institutions which are member of the Fund are guaranteed according to the law by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund up to the maximum amount of 100,000 EUR, Lei equivalent.

You can find here information related to the deposit guarantee scheme for deposits opened at Garanti Bank S.A.

For any other information you can reach us at Customer Communication Center 0800 80 1234 (toll free number from any fixed line network) or 021 200 9494 (regular charge number from any network), available daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. or at the e-mail address