Our vision

Our Vision

Our strategy is built around Garanti BBVA values: customer comes first, we think big, and we are one team.

The fact that, since the beginning of our activity here in Romania, more than 20 years ago, we have always worked together, as a united team, for a common goal, is what made us a reliable financial group and a strong partner for our customers.

We put great emphasis on the way we connect with our clients, making sure that their needs come first. In this regard, we focus on innovating and on bringing the best financial solutions on the market.

Balance is a key word for us. We aim to keep a level-headed portfolio with a sustainable development path.

We constantly invest in our people and therefore, we have created different training sessions for our employees, encouraging them to develop professionally and reach their potential. We know that our evolution as a strong financial institution is not possible without our team of professionals.

At the same time, we believe it is important to get involved in actions that have a positive effect on the economic, social and cultural environment in Romania. Therefore, we support projects that encourage the development of the Romanian entrepreneurship, environmental issues, as well as other initiatives impacting the community.