Current Account

It takes courage to start a new business.

It takes energy, knowledge and the right tools, like the current account from Garanti BBVA.

While the company will be busy to grow, the Garanti BBVA current account will work on making all the daily activities easier — payments, deposits and cash withdrawals, foreign exchange, promissory notes, cheques etc.

Garanti BBVA Current Account offers a lot of benefits

No need to worry about the costs

How to apply


You can open an online account yourself in Garanti BBVA Online

In agencies

You can come to any of the Garanti BBVA agencies

The funds deposited in current accounts, savings accounts or time deposits opened by customers with Garanti BBVA are protected through the guarantee scheme administered by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, up to 100,000 EUR, Ron equivalent, as specified in the conditions from Information Form for Depositors and in the List of Deposits Exempted from Compensation, which you can read here.

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Salary Convention

A trustworthy bank and the help it provides are essential to keep a balance between the employees’ happiness and the firm’s profit growth.

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