Loans for PFA and Self-employed

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Unnamed needs without real guarantees

When you trust your sources, nothing gets in your way. That’s why Garanti BBVA is ready to fuel your dreams with a credit solution perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Choose the right financing for your plans and invest in your business today!

Why this loan is the ideal solution for you

Unnamed needs with collateral

There’s nothing like feeling in complete control of your business, is there? You decide which way to go and which train to take you there. And if you’re ready to try a faster way, here’s a tip: choose the Loan with collateral for unnamed needs!

You decide “what”, “how” and “when”

Why this loan is the ideal solution for you


In a market with ever-changing trends and increasingly demanding customers, it is important to adapt quickly to all the changes. We offer you a comprehensive range of lending products across the investment spectrum as follows:

Choose the right financing for your needs!

Why this loan is the ideal solution for you

How do you get credit?

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Green Office

Garanti BBVA supports green investment projects. 2.500.000 Lei Maximum loan amount 240 months Loan tenure We provide you advantageous financial solutions designed to give you

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Garanti BBVA Economus offers a lot of benefits It’s true, the future of a business is always unpredictable. But when you have something set aside,

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