Transaction signing

Transaction signing

You choose your favorite channel to generate the unique signing code and that’s it, your payment is done.

What type of payments need signing?

Transaction signing is a supplementary security method for payments performed using Garanti BBVA Mobile. Therefore, when making a payment through internet banking an additional screen will appear with details about the beneficiary of the payment (name, IBAN account number and amount) and you will validate this information by signing the payment. As simple as that.

What type of payments need signing?

Transaction signings not required when you make payments between your own accounts at Garanti BBVA or when you use entries from the Frequent Payments menu.

Operations such as currency exchange or opening/closing deposit accounts and saving accounts do not require signing.

How do you sign a transaction performed in Garanti BBVA Mobile?

You can always choose from two different methods:

Download the presentation of the transaction sign off process here.

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