Account Management Services

It takes courage to start a new business. It takes energy, knowledge and the right tools, like the current account from Garanti BBVA.

This product can help you to keep track of all transactions and to archive them in a more convenient way.

At demand, you can benefit of the electronic report of your conducted transfers lot, through the simple signing of a contract of electronic statement. You can have all your payment notices with all the details sent at the e-mail address through FTP in CSV format every day and at any hour.

For all your Garanti BBVA accounts, you can receive electronic extracts in Swift MT 940 format in order to save time and energy.

With the large scale information services, the documents you request will be sent through FTP at the specified address or delivered through postal services. For Swift MT 940, which is a world standard, you can request personalized changes for your company. All you need to do is to inform Garanti BBVA of the information you need to modify.