Investment Financing

The financing and guarantee solutions offered by Garanti BBVA for corporations

Product characteristics

Through this product, the bank offers to companies loans aimed to finance their investments (new constructions, acquisition of equipment, machinery or other capital expenditures, building refurbishments, other types of investment projects or refinancing investments prior made by the Borrower etc.)

Advantages for the company:


In order to keep everything in control when it comes to a company, focusing on things that have to be done is mandatory. But in some situations a company can face problems that are uncontrollable. Don’t worry. Fortunately Garanti BBVA offers a set of insurances for commercial buildings, equipments, machinery, fleets, stocks and any other goods.

Moreover, our team can assist you and your company with the wide range of insurance products for the loans contracted from Garanti BBVA.

How to apply

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