Patience is one of the key ingredients behind a good business. With time, the steady growth of a company can turn into great results. It’s the same thing with term deposits.

Garanti BBVA Term Deposit offers a lot of benefits

  • Returns are not affected by changes in market interest rates, as the interest rate is fixed over the tenor of the term deposit
  • Flexibility in choosing the tenor as there is 1, 3, 6, or 12 months deposit, depending on needs and saving capacity
  • Different currencies depending on the business needs: term deposit in Lei or foreign currency (USD, EUR, JPY, CHF or GBP) with a minimum of 200 units
  • Convenient access to information about the term deposit account through Garanti BBVA Online
  • Term deposits are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (within the limit established by law)

No need to worry about the costs

  • 0 commission for term deposit opening
  • 0 commission for term deposit administration

It’s super easy to get it

You can visit one of the Garanti BBVA agencies or contact us via e-mail at

The funds deposited in current accounts, savings accounts or time deposits opened by customers with Garanti BBVA are protected through the guarantee scheme administered by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, up to 100,000 EUR, Ron equivalent, as specified in the conditions from Information Form for Depositors and in the List of Deposits Exempted from Compensation, which you can read here.