Making economies means exactly what you want to do. Garanti BBVA presents term deposits in lei with personalised interest rates with whom the economies get bigger depending on the amount deposited. Open the deposit suited for you short or future term plans. You choose.

Life is simpler when you know you have some money set aside. Make your life better with a Term Deposit in lei from Garanti BBVA and see how the safe reward from your account will change you habits! Apply now and enjoy the monthly fixed super interest rate that we offer!

With Term Deposit you can get so many benefits

  • Your returns are not affected by changes in market, as the interest rate is fixed over the tenor of the term deposit
  • You may choose a 1, 3, 6, or 12 months deposit depending on your needs and your saving capacity
  • You have no cash withdrawal fee for term deposits amount if the money is withdrawn on the maturity date
  • You may open the term deposit in Lei or foreign currency (RON, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD, TRY, NOK, SEK or PLN) with a minimum of 200 units, JPY si HUF with a minimum of 200.000 units and RUB with a minimum of 20.000 units
  • Enjoy convenient access to information about your term deposit account through Garanti BBVA Online and Garanti BBVA Mobile

It’s super easy to get it

You can visit one of the Garanti BBVA agencies, apply here, or you can easily open it yourself in Garanti BBVA Online.

See all about the interest rates.

The funds deposited in current accounts, savings accounts or time deposits opened by customers with Garanti BBVA are protected through the guarantee scheme administered by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, up to 100,000 EUR, Ron equivalent, as specified in the conditions from Information Form for Depositors and in the List of Deposits Exempted from Compensation, which you can read here.