Let’s talk about openness. That attitude that always comes with something more. And in this case we are not only referring to optimism, but the openness that unlocks new opportunities. Package + is more than just a bank card for those open to opportunities, it is the package that gives you free access to the most important bank services, including Bonus Debit Card, with benefits just as if you’d have your salary at Garanti BBVA.

Services and products included in Package + from Garanti BBVA:

  • current account in RON;
  • Bonus Debit Card;
  • internet banking and mobile banking.

To fully take advantage of all the benefits, you need to have a monthly collection of 700 RON in your current account and make at least one transaction. Product characteristics and offer details here.

Be open and come out on plus, it’s not called for nothing Package +

With Package + from Garanti BBVA you get so many benefits

  • The administration of your current account in RON is free and you have attached Bonus Debit card contactless
  • You can withdraw RON, without commission, from any ATM (Garanti BBVA or of other banks)
  • You can use internet and mobile banking (Garanti BBVA Online and Mobile) without administration commission and you have instant access to your funds and options of transfers or payments
  • You have no commission for intrabank and interbank transfers performed by Garanti BBVA Online and Mobile
  • You can pay your utilities or any bills online, without commission
  • Enjoy shopping online by using the safe internet transactions through 3D secure system
  • For every payment with Bonus Debit Card at a merchant you receive 0.15% Bonus from the value of the POS purchases as Bonus Points that can be used when you do your shopping in one of the Garanti BBVA partner stores. The value of 1 Bonus Point is 1 RON
  • When you’re travelling abroad, you can directly use your Bonus Debit Card for any transaction without worrying about the foreign exchange, as it is automatically done for you

It’s super easy to get it

You can visit one of the Garanti BBVA agencies or you can apply directly here.

See the detailed Package + Garanti BBVA offer here.

The beneficiaries of the offer must accomplish all the eligibility conditions of the Bank for opening a current account and accessing the products included in the offer, in accordance with the provisions of the General Business Conditions, with the legislation in force and with the prudential banking practice.

The funds deposited in current accounts, savings accounts or time deposits opened by customers with Garanti BBVA are protected through the guarantee scheme administered by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, up to 100,000 EUR, RON equivalent, as specified in the conditions from Information Form for Depositors and in the List of Deposits Exempted from Compensation, which you can read here.