Live for today with Bonus Card Platinum! Make your dreams come true now and enjoy shopping whenever you want.

If you are impatient when it comes to desires, don’t feel bad about it. Admit it! You’re the kind of person who likes to live for today and wants to have everything now. And you are not the only one. We know it for sure. That’s why we created a special Bonus Card for you and people like you: Bonus Card Platinum, a card that helps you enjoy shopping whenever you want.

What you need to know about Bonus Card Gold

Bonus Card Platinum features:

  • Approved limit and currency: between 25,000 Lei and 100,000 Lei, up to 3 times the eligible income
  • Transfer your salary in your Garanti BBVA account, you have a preferential cost offer.
Bonus Card Platinum benefits and extra helpful information
  • You can have different benefits from campaigns with Bonus Card
  • You get up to 10% Bonus from the value of merchant partners purchases. The value of 1 Bonus Point is 1 Leu
  • You get up to 0,3% discount on your shopping to any mechant
  • You can buy everything you need in free installments with 0% interest at mechant partners
  • You have over 6000 Bonus Card Platinum partners to use your Bonus
  • You get up to 50 days grace period for POS transactions
  • You can also get up to 3 supplementary Bonus Platinum Card for which you can set the limit amount to be used
  • You can benefit from a refinancing program of any type of credit from another bank, within a limit of 20,000* Lei in up to 36 interest free installments**
  • You get free access in Cluj Airport Business Lounge and in MasterCard Lounge from Henri Coanda Bucharest and Wien Airports.
  • * This option is available for new clients only, those who do not have nor had a Bonus Card from Garanti BBVA

    ** If the entire current debt is paid until due date.

Safe shopping
  • Wherever you are, you can benefit of card replacement or cash advance on case your card has been lost or stolen.
  • You have optional SMS alert for all purchases performed with your Bonus Card.
  • Bonus Card offers you extra-secure online shopping, by providing you with an extra-security filter: 3D Secure. This allows you to confirm all online payments, by using a security code which you will receive on your phone.
  • You get a free Travel Health Insurance that covers emergency health problems that may occur during your travels abroad (see details here)
  • You can benefit of a Payment Protection Insurance for only 0.168% applied to the total current and future debts from your last Bonus Card statement. And you will pay it automatically from your Bonus Card available limit (see details here)
MasterCard premium benefits
  • You will benefit of discounts in 230 partner locations in Romania
  • You will have Priority Pass: access in 500 VIP lounges from all over the world
Contactless technology

Fast payments by simply tapping the card to a POS/device with contactless functionality without PIN code for transactions bellow 100 lei. The cummulative ammount that can be spent from contactless transactions is 700 Ron, once you surpass this threshold the PIN will be required.

How to apply

Documents required*:

  • Identity card
  • Documents attesting the income from salaries, rents, service provision, freelance activities, dividends, pensions, etc. (more details at Garanti BBVA agencies)
  • If your salary is reported to ANAF we only need your approval to check ANAF database, no income statement required in this case;
  • If your salary is not reported to ANAF the following documents are required:
  • Copy of one of the following utility invoices: fix/mobile phone, electric power, natural gas.

*During file analysis the bank may request supplementary documents