Bonus Card Classic

Enjoy a world of plus with Bonus Card Classic

Get the Bonus Card Classic from Garanti BBVA and enjoy a world of plus. You will benefit of one of the largest partners network in Romania. Hard to believe? We have over 6000 partners with hundreds of online and offline stores to buy everything you want.

10% Bonus

la comercianții parteneri


de parteneriate cu magazine

Bonus Card Classic benefits and extra helpful information

0 annual fee in the first year for main card and 40 Lei starting second year

20 Lei annual fee for supplementary card

You get up to 10% Bonus from the value of merchant partners purchases. The value of 1 Bonus Point is 1 Leu

0 commision for balance inquiry at any Garanti BBVA ATM

You can have different benefits from campaigns with Bonus Card

You get 0,3% discount on your shopping to any merchant

What you need to know about Bonus Card Classic

See the full list of Fees and Taxes here.

* Customers eligible for refinancing are only customers who do not have a Bonus Card from Garanti BBVA or if they have owned a Bonus Card it was closed at least 36 months ago from the date of requesting the new card

** If the entire current debt is paid until due date.

Safe shopping


And you will pay it automatically from your Bonus Card available limit, see details here

Ușor de obținut

Bonus Card

Bine ai venit în lumea Bonus Card. Hai să ne cunoaștem.


Pentru acest produs poţi aplica uşor printr-un formular online

În agenții

Poți veni in oricare din agențiile Garanti BBVA

Garanti BBVA face parte din categoria instituțiilor de credit care contribuie la schema de garantare a depozitelor, administrată de Fondul de Garantare a Depozitelor Bancare.
Banii clienților din conturile curente, cei din conturile de economii precum și cei din depozitele la termen Garanti BBVA sunt garantați până la concurența sumei de 100,000 EUR, în echivalent Lei, conform criteriilor menționate în Formularul pentru Informațiile Oferite Deponenților, precum și în Lista Depozitelor Excluse de la Garantare.

Contactless technology

Fast payments by simply tapping the card to a POS/device with contactless functionality without PIN code for transactions bellow 100 lei. The cummulative ammount that can be spent from contactless transactions is 700 Ron, once you surpass this threshold the PIN will be required.

Bonus Card Clasic e ușor de obținut

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